e-parking Technology SOLUTIONs

e-Entry Parking

Touchless entry solution via text messaging for self park and valet clients.

e-claim check

Customer immediately receives a text with a link to the eClaim check where they can pay by phone.

e-Reservation System

Customers will be able to book & modify new reservations or cancel their reservations right from your website.

e-validation system

On-demand vouchers for customer parking validation.

How we compare with the competition




Text customers their claim check.

  • Utilizes an advanced Cloud-Based Platform
  • Replaces the Paper Valet Claim Check
  • Customers can Click to Request Their Vehicle
  • Customers can Pay By Their Mobile Phone by Using a Credit Card
  • Branded With Your Logo to Maintain Brand Consistnecy & Identity
  • Send Customers Surveys Via Text Message to Gain Valuable Feedback For Your Operation


Easy In & Easy Out Access.

  • Touchless Entry via digital voucher
  • Automatically Send Initial and Reminder Texts to Your Customers
  • Increase Reservation Redemption Through Multiple Contact Methods


Print or text validations for your customers.

  • Print, E-Mail or Text Validations Directly to Your Customers
  • Create One Time Use & Time Sensitive Vouchers
  • Validate the Customer’s Ticket Directly From Within the System
  • Eliminate Paper Waste
  • Access Numerous Metrics and Analytics Reporting