Automatically generate customer invoice & e-mail, automated customer CC/ACH charges, lot manager status e-mail and integrated CC/ACH funding reconciliation.


The customer portal is fully white labeled & customized for your locations. Create customer and company accounts, PCI-DSS Compliant, Add CC/ACH, Pay & view invoices, & Much more!


Customers sign up for parking and are added to a Wait List, to be approved by location manager. Managers are automatically notified of new customer activity.

INTUITIVE interface

All monthly parking data is available in a user friendly format that shows your location(s) activity and status at-a-glance. The interface is easy to manage and its responsive design works on all devices.

Perfect experience for you & Your customers



Frequently asked questions

In almost all cases, netPark can import your existing customer database (minus any card on file), along with existing loyalty points and provide a seamless transistion for your customers.

The same backend that manages the rest of your netPark PARCs facility is used to manage your reservations rates as well.

Modifications to your reservation rates take effect immediately.

Redeeming points can be done during the reservation process. Earning and redeeming points can be configured on a per rate basis, so that different types of parking can be configured independently from each other.

Our clients say

I have been a partner with netPark since 2004. Since the inception of our relationship the netPark organization has provided exceptional service. We have worked together on many innovative operational additions to the netPark software. Their team is made up of professionals that not only get the job done right but provide excellent customer service along the way. I have many times and will continue to highly recommend their software to anyone in the parking industry.
Pete Carrea
Owner of Winner Airport Parking
Propark America’s experience with the netPark platform at our airport parking facilities, nationwide, has been resoundingly positive. We are pleased with the quality of the equipment and the seamless nature in which it interfaces with our various websites and mobile apps. We’ve found the netPark team to be responsive to our needs and creatively anticipating what our future needs might be. The relationship we have with netPark is one that we value tremendously and look forward to growing for years to come.
Rick DiPietro
President of Propark America
We have been netPark clients for over 10 years and have been very pleased with NetPark’s technology, customer service and responsiveness. NetPark’s system is simple to understand and easy to navigate. We appreciate the different levels of security and administrative rights. NetPark consistently updates and enhances the system with new releases that include new offerings and tweaks to technology that help us run our business.
Nicolle Judge
President of SkyPark
We have been a netPark client since 2004. The best thing about working with them is how proactive they are. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the system and keep up with all of our needs. If we think of something new that we need to help with our service, we just give them a call call and let them know; They are usually a step ahead and already working on it! If you have a problem, there is always someone there to help; They are VERY customer friendly. I have no reason to ever look for another system.
Mike Moreland
Owner of Newark Airport Long Term Parking