Give customers a seamless experience with our License Plate Recognition solutiuon. Your customers won’t have to touch a thing!

Flexible Pricing Options

We have several LPR pricing solutions that vary depending on the needs of your facility.

FASTER entry and exit

Our LPR solution allows for your customers to enter and exit the facility more efficiently


Decrease vehicle idle emissions at your self park equipment by speeding up the entry & exit flow by eliminating paper tickets.

How we compare with the competition



Frequently asked questions

Our advanced software has many features and capabilities that will help your parking operation be more efficient. Our software features integrated payment systems, customizable solutions, PCI DSS creditation and operates on proven cloud technology.

Every client of ours has different needs and wants. We’ve decided that we’re not designed to be a “one size fits all” type of solution. We make our solution work for your parking operation and not the other way around. Since every operation is very different, costs vary greatly based upon each situation. Our solutions package is completely customizable!

We have hundreds of reports that are available! Our developers can even make custom reporting for your business needs if it’s not available. We offer a variety of metrics and analytical reports that will help you run your parking operation much more efficiently.

Our software is a subscription-based platform that we are able to turn off if needed. For majority of our clients, they are billed on a monthly basis.