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What is netPark Pay?

netPark has its own integrated payment system for processing credit card transactions.  We will offer you competitive pricing plus all of the benefits below.  It’s easy to get started. Simply complete the form and upload your most recent credit card statement(s).  We will provide a free analysis to show you your total monthly savings.

See how much you will save today!

Make netPark the contact for all issues, whether they be for software support or payments.

Competitive pricing without any additional fees which will save you money every month!

Enhanced security by moving the credit cards currently tokenized within our existing payment application to the acquirer.

EMV terminal rental with next day replacement.

Reduce or eliminate current licensing costs for E2EE encrypted devices and EMV (Chip & PIN) terminals.

Provides Level 3 integration without additional licensing costs.


    Frequently asked questions

    While netPark Pay is a new feature, our parent company Fullsteam has been processing credit cards using the WorldPay platform for quite awhile.  Fullsteam is a payment facilitator with a wide range of software companies within their portfolio, including netPark Software.  The leaders of Fullsteam decided to build their own company to provide higher quality of service at a lower cost by eliminating the middle man.  Fullsteam’s mission is to provide you with fair and transparent pricing, without “Junk Fees” and annual price increases.
    Because we think our payments product is so unique, different from anything else customers have ever seen. Having been in the software business and dealing with payment processing for almost 20 years, we kept seeing the same problems over and over.
    When a customer has a problem taking a payment, who do they call? Do they call their software company, or do they call their credit card processor? We have had so many clients call us for their credit card issues, only to be told they needed to call their credit card processor. And then when they call their credit card processor, well you guessed it, they’re told they need to call us. Customers say this takes a lot of time and is very frustrating.

    And almost every customer told us that payments reconciliation is a real hassle. Customers need to compare, by hand, the bank deposit with what the credit card statement says the bank deposit was and reconcile that against what the software says the sales were. They tell us these things almost never match. Making matters worse, many customers told us the credit card statement is almost impossible to understand.
    We decided that there has to be a better way. Together with our parent company Fullsteam, we have created our own payment solution that we feel can provide a much better end user experience. Our customers simply contact us and we can answer any question customers have about the software OR the payments. No more finger pointing. There’s no more going to different systems to reconcile payments. All the credit card information is right there in netPark, at the click of a button.
    Our objective is to use technology to permanently change the credit card processing industry, because customers deserve better. In 5 years, people will look back and laugh about how they can’t believe they used to have to contact two different companies and reconcile their payments by hand.
    We provide a free analysis of your existing rates by reviewing two or three recent monthly statements. Many times processing vendors inflate their margin by adding fees in other areas, separate from the quoted rate. In some cases, vendors mark-up Card Brand Pass-Through fees. Our expert team will provide a transparent quote for our services while also highlighting the fees you’re paying with your current vendor. ​​In almost all cases we can meet or beat your existing rate.

    We ask for a few recent processing statements for two main reasons:

    First, we want to do our very best to meet or beat your existing processing rate, but we can’t accurately assess what you’re paying today and provide an apples-to-apples quote without your current statements.

    Second, as a service to you, we want to show you what you’re actually paying today in processing fees. Sometimes other vendors will quote very low processing rates but hide additional fees within confusing merchant statements. Some vendors even mark-up Card Brand fees that should be passed to you at no cost, and we want to make you aware if your current vendor is using any of these deceptive pricing methods.
    We often hear about other vendors’ long contract requirements and the excessive fees customers faced to get away from their old processors. Our contract isn’t like that; the initial term is only for one (1) year, and there are no “early termination fees.” The only penalties we have are related to hardware returns because we are assessed fees from our vendor.
    In almost all cases we are unable to use your existing hardware on our platform. The main reason we’re unable to re-use hardware is that all processing equipment is injected with unique data to enable the equipment to work on specific platforms. It’s similar to satellite television equipment: you can’t use a satellite dish from one company with a channel receiver from a different company — they are incompatible.
    However, netPark is committed to providing as easy a transition as possible and we offer a wide range of hardware solutions and purchasing options. Please contact a netPark Sales Representative for more information.
    Because netPark isn’t that kind of company. We take pride in providing honest and transparent pricing.  Some of our clients have been with us nearly 20 years.  We’ve built partnerships, not just business transactions.  Becoming a Fullsteam company now enables netPark to offer the same great level of customer service for payment processing that we are known for with our parking software solution.
    However, netPark is committed to providing as easy a transition as possible and we offer a wide range of hardware solutions and purchasing options. Please contact a netPark Sales Representative for more information.

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