eclaim check

Enter the customer’s mobile number and text the claim check. That’s it! The customer can then request their vehicle with one click as opposed to having to use the inconvenient method of typing their ticket number to text for their car.

PAy by phone

Our industry best pay by phone technology makes it fast and easy for customers to pay for parking right from their smart phone.

Easy transition

In most cases you can use your existing valet tickets. netPark supports most barcode formats and QR codes. Both the in-phone camera and Linea Pro integrated scanner allow for quick & easy scanning.

flexible payment options

Customers can either pay by phone through our innovative valet app or you can have a traditional fixed point of sale system. Our system is flexible and will cater to what your business needs are.

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Frequently asked questions

MVS 2.0 is an iOS based app, so an iPhone or iPad will be required. From there, it depends on your specific setup: If utilizing netPark’s eClaim Check and Pay-by-Phone system, you are good to go! If you want to take credit card payments in-person, a low cost credit card swipe can also be provided. Additionally, MVS hardware can seamlessly transition from one valet location to another. 

netPark offers serveral types of vehicle damage collection options including mobile phone image capture and automated in-lane vehicle damage cameras.

MVS 2.0 is designed based on feedback from in-the-field valets and netPark’s 20 plus years of valet parking experience. Our solution is very intuitive and easy to use. Most valets can become an expert in about 30 minutes. 

netPark MVS fee structure is based on per transaction billing, with very low monthly fees. This means that the smallest lots will have very low monthly fees, and MVS can instantly scale with your business as you grow.

Payments can be collected via mobile phone with an encrypted mobile reader or your customers can pay on their own smart phone using netPark’s Pay-By-Phone feature.

netPark offers it’s own integrated payment solution, netPark Pay.  netPark Pay offers competitive pricing, integrated payment & funding reconciliation and netPark’s reliable service and support.