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Our contactless parking solutions are advancing the parking industry. Give your customer a seamless and frictionless parking experience with our License Plate Recognition solution. Our solution uses proven technology to allow customers to enter and exit the parking area as efficiently as possible.  Contact us today to learn more about this contactless parking solution!

Completely Contactless

Give customers a seamless experience with our License Plate Recognition solutiuon. Your customers won’t have to touch a thing!

HD Images

No more blurry images taken from decade old digital cameras! Enjoy full HD vehicle images with current model large-resolution camera.

cloud storage

With 90 days of cloud storage available, there is no need for additional equipment to store your damage images.


Keep your customers safe and seamless experience with our license plate recognition solution in your facility.

Touchless expereince

Upgrade your facility to provide a safe and seamless touchless experience for your customers

HD Images

Enjoy full HD vehicle images with most ONVIF-capable camera

Reduces overhead COSts

Decreased overhead costs through by utilizing our advanced parking solutions and reduce resources

Accessible From Anywhere

Enjoy cloud based access to your vehicle images from anywhere that you have access to your netPark account

180 Days of Image Cloud Storage

90 days of premium cloud based storage allows locations to handle even the oldest damage claims


ease of entry & exiting

Speed up facility entry and exit process, with our advanced frictionless parking solution

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