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Valet Parking Software Solutions

cloud based valet parking software for any type of valet parking operation. Let netPark’s proven and tested valet parking software technology power your valet operation.  Ticketed or ticketless, netPark is flexible enough to accommodate most work flows.


Easily track all parking customers using the netPark Mobile Point of Sale.  Attendants can easily process customers with a credit card or cash payment.  One time use validations are also available


Simply collect the mobile phone number via the netPark Mobile Valet System and automatically text an eclaim check.  When ready, customers can request their vehicle with one click


Track and audit every parking transaction with netPark’s complete suite of accounting and operational reports.  From the front lines to the back office, let netPark’s robust reporting improve your operations


Valet operations. Anytime. Anywhere.  All it takes is an iPhone & Lineo Pro Case with barcode scanner and credit card reader and you’re up and running!  Ticketed or ticketless, netPark is flexible enough to accommodate most work flows.


Ticket Control

Create, modify and cash out parking tickets directly from the app

Flexible System

Flexibility is key and the MVS App can be configured to fit virtually any parking operation


Damage Tracking

Integrated damage tracking with the option of taking and uploading photos directly to netPark

On-Demand Scanning

The Infinite Peripheral Scanner allows for the scanning of standard barcodes and mobile devices including tickets, validations, reservations and even vehicle VINs


Encrypted Magstripe Reader

The Infinite Peripheral Scanner includes an Encrypted Magstripe Reader, so you and your customers know their card holder data is safe

Bluetooth Printer

The optional Epson Bluetooth Printer allows users out in the field to print receipts on-demand; WiFi option also available

Scalable Pricing

With our scalable pricing system based on total ticket transactions, you know you’re only paying for what your location uses


netPark’s flexible, traditional fixed point of sale for counter or cashier booth environments.  The all in point of sale with integrated credit card swipe, 2D barcode scanner and bio reader make it the perfect fit for any type of traditional manned point of sale.

Encrypted Card Reader & EMV Credit Card Reader

Point to point encrypted card reader or utilize our EMV card reader solution, with a full color screen, Android & Apple Pay support and signature capture

ELO I-Series 21.5" Touchscreen AIO PC

An array of integrated peripherals, a spill resistant case and large 21.5″ touchscreen display make for one powerful POS

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Increase login speed and security for your cashiers, by using the biometric fingerprint reader.  No need to enter a user name and password, just scan in with your fingerprint and you can quickly assist customers

2D Barcode Scanner

Scan printed and digitally displayed barcodes using the Honeywell MS7580 Genesis LED Scanner

On Demand Valet Ticket Printer

For valet work flows that print tickets on demand, netPark’s valet ticket printer has a small footprint and lifetime print head warranty.  Quickly print valet tickets for a smooth and efficient customer experience


Text or Print Receipts

Text or Print customer receipts using our USB or Bluetooth connected thermal printer


netPark’s builit in, integrated valet key tracking system allows you to track all key activity and eliminate the dreaded lost key event. Never lose another valet key with the netPark Valet Key Tracking System.  It’s easy to get started!  All you need is a barcode scanner and Windows PC and you’re good to go!  Plus, there are no additional monthly fees for this feature!

Easy Set Up

All you need to implement the key tracker is a barcode scanner and Windows PC.  That’s it!  Just place the hardware in the key area to be tracked and start scanning

Automated Missing Key Alerts

By setting the time thresholds for each key control area, you can be made aware of missing keys right away giving you ample time to locate the lost keys

Real Time Dashboard

Real time display of the status of all keys is displayed directly through the netPark System.  Easily monitor key activity and identify potential lost keys in seconds


Monitor all valet attendant activity every step of the way.  Use the built in activity reports in netPark to analyze valet activity and performance.


Unlimited Key Control Areas

Not matter how complicated your key setup, the netPark Key Tracking System can support an unlimited number of key control areas


On-demand bar coded vouchers for customer parking validation.  Quickly print or text validations to customers for redemption at the point of sale or gated exit.


Issue On-Demand Vouchers

No need to prepare parking vouchers ahead of time, simply select the the voucher you want to send and issue it instantly

Text, Email or Print

You can always select the best option with the ability to send parking vouchers to the customer via email, text message or traditional printing



Validate the customer’s ticket directly from within the E-Validation System, allowing the customer to simply scan their ticket and exit


Support for percentage based discounts, dollar and day amount coupons and standard time-based validations



All of the parking vouchers issued from the E-Validation System are one-time use and can have expirations dates set on the voucher


Generate usage reports directly from within your netPark location on all of your voucher groups with a few clicks


Convert customers over to the E-Validation System to reduce your paper footprint and provide exceptional convenience to your customers

Valet Parking Software Solutions Information

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