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MVS - Complete Valet Parking System

netPark’s MVS provides the ultimate customer experience and is extremely fast and easy to use for attendants.  Amaze your guests with the eClaim check and one-click vehicle request!  Plus, our easy to use pay by phone allows your customers to pay for parking prior to picking up their car.  This drastically speeds up the exit process and removes the burden of valet attendants having to collect payment at the curb

Pay By Phone

 Our industry best pay by phone technology makes it fast and easy for customers to pay for parking right from their smart phone.   Pay by phone can dramatically increase the efficiency of both the check-in and check-out process

eClaim Check

Enter the customer’s mobile number and text the claim check.  That’s it!  The customer can then request their vehicle with one click as opposed to having to use the inconvenient method of typing their ticket number to text for their car

Easy Transition

It’s extremely easy to transition to netPark!  In most cases you can use your existing valet tickets.  netPark supports most barcode formats and QR codes.  Both the in-phone camera and Linea Pro integrated scanner allow for quick & easy scanning


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netPark’s MVS mobile technology provides a superior customer experience and simple to use technology for the valet staff.  Branded to your business, the MVS will create the ultimate customer experience and greatly increase the efficiency of your valet parking operation.  Customers no longer have to fumble around with the parking ticket trying to text their ticket number.  Just a click of the request vehicle button and that’s it!

Scan Ticket | Enter Mobile

Valet attendant scans parking ticket and enters customer’s mobile number

eClaim Check Text

Customer immediately receives a text with a link to the eClaim check

One Touch Vehicle Request

eClaim check has a  one touch request car button and pay by phone option

eClaim Check Wait Time

The valet acknowledges the vehicle request and sends a wait time back to the customer via SMS


Customers can easily and quickly pay for parking from their smart phone.  Our intuitive UI allows customers to efficiently and conveniently enter payment information. Also completely branded to your company!

STEP 1 - Click

“Pay Now” button begins the payment process


Customer enters their credit card information 

STEP 3 - Tip

The customer can leave a valet tip here


eClaim check shows ticket has been PAID



The netPark Valet App (MVS) is an iOS app and requires an iPhone 6 or later version to operate.  There are two primary options to effectively use the MVS. 


OPTION 1: Just an iPhone

The MVS can be used with just and iPhone and we recommend you use a protective case such as an Otter Box or Mophie


  • In phone camera to scan barcodes
  • Any protective case will work
  • The most economical option
  • In phone camera to scan damage images
  • Customer’s can use Pay By Phone for credit card payments

OPTION 2: iPhone with Linea Pro Sled

The Linea Pro is a protective case with built in 2D scanner and encrypted credit card reader


  • Built in 2D scanner
  • Built in encrypted credit card reader
  • Charging station
  • Bluetooth printer also available
  • 1 year warranty



netPark’s flexible, traditional fixed point of sale for counter or cashier booth environments.  The all in one point of sale with integrated credit card swipe, 2D barcode scanner and bio reader make it the perfect fit for any type of traditional manned point of sale.

Encrypted Card Reader & EMV Credit Card Reader

Point to point encrypted card reader or utilize our EMV card reader solution, with a full color screen, Android & Apple Pay support and signature capture

ELO I-Series 21.5" Touchscreen AIO PC

An array of integrated peripherals, a spill resistant case and large 21.5″ touchscreen display make for one powerful POS

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Increase login speed and security for your cashiers, by using the biometric fingerprint reader.  No need to enter a user name and password, just scan in with your fingerprint and you can quickly assist customers

2D Barcode Scanner

Scan printed and digitally displayed barcodes using the Honeywell MS7580 Genesis LED Scanner

On Demand Valet Ticket Printer

For valet work flows that print tickets on demand, netPark’s valet ticket printer has a small footprint and lifetime print head warranty.  Quickly print valet tickets for a smooth and efficient customer experience


Text or Print Receipts

Text or Print customer receipts using our USB or Bluetooth connected thermal printer


Average Number of Reservations Booked Daily

Average Number of Tickets Processed Daily

Average Number of New Customer Accounts per Month

netPark Hosted E-Commerce Reservation & Loyalty Websites


Average Number of Reservations Booked Daily

Average Number of Tickets Processed Daily

Average Number of New Customer Accounts per Month

netPark Hosted E-Commerce Reservation & Loyalty Websites

Valet Parking Software Solutions Information

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