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netPark’s builit in, integrated valet key tracking system allows you to track all key activity and eliminate the dreaded lost key event. Never lose another valet key with the netPark Valet Key Tracking System.  It’s easy to get started!  All you need is a barcode scanner and Windows PC and you’re good to go!  Plus, there are no additional monthly fees for this feature!

Easy Set Up

All you need to implement the key tracker is a barcode scanner and Windows PC.  That’s it!  Just place the hardware in the key area to be tracked and start scanning

Automated Missing Key Alerts

By setting the time thresholds for each key control area, you can be made aware of missing keys right away giving you ample time to locate the lost keys

Real Time Dashboard

Real time display of the status of all keys is displayed directly through the netPark System.  Easily monitor key activity and identify potential lost keys in seconds


Monitor all valet attendant activity every step of the way.  Use the built in activity reports in netPark to analyze valet activity and performance.


Unlimited Key Control Areas

Not matter how complicated your key setup, the netPark Key Tracking System can support an unlimited number of key control areas

netPark Valet Key Tracker Information

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–netPark is currently only available in the United States and Canada–