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netPark’s cloud based unattended parking system uses the latest technology to provide a seamless parking experience for all parking types with minimal on site staffing requirements.  Whether it’s transients, monthly contract parkers, employees or events; let netPark’s unattended parking system transform your lot!  Reduce cost and increase revenue with netPark’s unattended parking system technology.


Providing the parking industry the latest in cloud based parking technologies for revenue control, web design and mobile apps

Pay In Lane

Pay in lane setup is ideal for an unattended lot or in combination with a cashier booth exit. Accept multiple payment options and credentialed customers with ease. Supports validations, EMV chip readers, License Plate Recognition (LPR)  and lost ticket processing.

Pay On Foot

Pay on foot is ideal for larger, high volume self park & pay facilities.  By providing multiple pay areas surrounding the parking area, patrons are able to first pay on foot at a designated pay station and then exit the parking area more quickly and efficiently, thus reducing congestion.

Access Control

Controlling any parking area is critical to providing a premier parking experience for all patrons and maintaining an economically viable parking operation.  With the netPark/Hamilton solution you can easily control and segment all types of parking customers.


From coast to coast, netPark has over 200 installations across the United States and Canada.  Discover what so many other operators have by putting netPark’s powerful, proven automated parking system to work for you.

Average Number of Reservations Booked Daily

Average Number of Tickets Processed Daily

Average Number of New Customer Accounts per Month

netPark Hosted E-Commerce Reservation & Loyalty Websites


Complete end-to-end solution for unattended parking facilities

Cloud Based PARCS Software

netPark was the first cloud based parking system and continues to set the standard for cloud based technology in the parking industry

Integrated Prepaid Reservation System

Using netPark’s reservation module, customer’s can easily book a prepaid reservation and then seamlessly scan in and out of the lot

Monthly Billing System

Automated monthly billing system allowing your clients to be billed monthly and seamlessly enter and exit the parking area

Integrated Ticket & Payment Processing

Our flexible rate & calculation system provides support for all parking types and with integrated payment processing, payments are processed directly within the system

Reporting & Metrics

netPark provides you real-time reporting with over 250 reports, exportable as both PDF and Excel formats, so you immediately have the data you need to run your business

Advanced Audit Controls

Monitor everything that happens at your location with real-time audit alerts and unlimited historial audit data for ticketing & revenue control


Just like the HTK, the PEET is rugged, reliable and expertly engineered to be used in any parking environment under the most benign to extreme conditions.  With a simple press of a button, easily and quickly issue parking tickets to arriving customers.  Additionally, the PEET can be equipped with a barcode or RFID Prox reader to accommodate monthly contract parkers, residents and employees.


Bar coded Tickets

Fully configurable ticket text with on-demand bar code printing

Advanced Lot Control

Control your lot using advanced controls with support for nesting control and express lane functionality

Full Color Display

With a full color and back lit display, readability becomes a non-issue

Barcode/Prox Card Support

Scan support for standard bar codes, smart phone screens and proximity cards

All Weather Design

Weather proof sealing, clear covers for access points and an internal heater for cold/wet conditions


Customizable Wrap

The 360 degree customizable wrap allows the device to be modified to match your existing company image

Intercom Ready

Integrated intercoms allow customers to reach your cashiers or ambassadors directly from the device


The HTK is a rugged and expertly engineered pay station for any self park & pay facility.  The HTK can be used for both pay in lane & pay on foot parking environments.  Additionally, the HTK can be set up to allow for credit card only or credit card & cash transactions depending upon the specifications chosen.  Combine this premier equipment with the powerful and proven netPark cloud based parking system and you have the most technologically advanced parking system available.

Touchscreen Control

Large, back lit, touchscreen, allows for easy interaction for customers and voice prompts walk customers through the process

Secure Payments

Accepts credit cards, cash and coins and is EMV ready.

Pay in Lane / Pay on Foot

Designed to be used in pay in lane or pay on foot environments

Barcode/Prox Card Support

Scan support for standard bar codes, smart phone screens and proximity cards

All Weather Design

Weather proof sealing, clear covers for access points and an internal heater for cold/wet conditions


Customizable Wrap

The 360 degree customizable wrap allows the device to be modified to match your existing company image

Intercom Ready

Integrated intercoms allow customers to reach your cashiers or ambassadors directly from the device


netPark's popular reservation module allows your customers to easily and quickly reserve parking right from your website.  You can also provide a printable or texted version of the reservation voucher for easy processing at the lot.  With a short spin up time, netPark's reservation module can be integrated and ready to go in as fast a one week

Web Design

Book, Modify & Cancel Reservations

Customers will be able to book new reservations, modify existing reservations and cancel their reservations, directly from the website

Prepay Reservations

Our flexible prepay options allow you to collect: no prepay, a small fee or full prepayment

Real Time Quotes

Direct integration with netPark allows cusotmers to pull real-time quote information:  Price changes and black outs appear in real time

Advanced Graphical User Interface

Quickly integrate Google Analytics & Conversion Codes within your website:  No code required

Printable & Digintal Reservation Voucher

Reservation vouchers are emailed directly to the customer and are individually barcoded, allowing for easy scanning at the location or on self-park devices

Promotional Marketing Tools

Create special discounts and corporate landing pages that can be directly accessed by customers for special rates or benefits


Secured Hosting Available

netPark offers PCI-DSS Level 1 secure web hosting for your web site


Pete Carrea

Owner, Winner Airport Parking



I have been a partner with netPark since 2004. Since the inception of our relationship the netPark organization has provided exceptional service. We have worked together on many innovative operational additions to the netPark software. Their team is made up of professionals that not only get the job done right but provide excellent customer service along the way. I have many times and will continue to highly recommend their software to anyone in the parking industry.

Nicolle Judge

President, SkyPark


We have been netPark clients for over 10 years and have been very pleased with netPark’s technology, customer service and responsiveness. netPark’s system is simple to understand, easy to navigate and they offer great security and administrative rights. netPark releases include new offerings and tweaks to technology (many based on client feedback) that help us run our business. Their robust “wiki” system is easy to search and their videos help us understand every part of the system. netPark is quick to respond to emails and phone calls and when appropriate, flexible in adapting to our needs as a client. We appreciate having a partner in this business that strives to better our customers’ experience at our facility.

Mike Moreland

Owner, Newark Airport Long Term Parking


We have been a netPark client since 2004. The best thing about working with them is how proactive they are. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the system and keep up with all of our needs. If we think of something new that we need to help with our service, we just give them a call call and let them know; They are usually a step ahead and already working on it! If you have a problem, there is always someone there to help; They are VERY customer friendly. I have no reason to ever look for another system.

Rick DiPietro

President, Propark America


Propark America’s experience with the netPark platform at our airport parking facilities, nationwide, has been resoundingly positive. We are pleased with the quality of the equipment and the seamless nature in which it interfaces with our various websites and mobile apps. We’ve found the netPark team to be responsive to our needs and creatively anticipating what our future needs might be. The relationship we have with netPark is one that we value tremendously and look forward to growing for years to come.

Brian West

Owner, Dayton Airport Parking


The team at NetPark have a wonderful collection of skills: great engineering, intuitive and forward-thinking design, empathetic customer service, and most importantly: decades of parking experience.

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