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netPark’s web-based revenue system has everything you need to run your off airport valet or self-park operation


Complete your website with the missing pieces of the puzzle: Reservations, Customer Accounts, & Contract Parking. The netPark web modules work in conjunction with your existing reservation site, or netPark can build and host a complete reservation site for you.


A loyalty program can give you a marketing advantage and provide your customers a superior parking experience.  Your customers can learn about your program and then easily sign up on line. Once a member, they can earn points toward free days, reprint receipts, manage their account and book reservations.


Receive reservations directly into netPark from your own e-commerce reservation site, and also through 3rd party reservation sources.  netPark integrates with many 3rd party reservation sites, so that your reservations are immediately available inside your parking software.


Customer Loyalty App.   The netPark Customer Loyalty App is designed to work in conjunction with your Loyalty program, allowing both Loyalty and non-Loyalty customer to make reservations, view their Loyalty Customer account, and request their parked vehicle, upon arrival at the airport.


Vehicle Text Request integrated into netParkPrint your text phone number onto your claim tickets, and customers may text to request pickup and that their vehicle be made ready. Includes audible alerts in netPark, and auto-print vehicle retrieval slip at a specified printer. Customer receives acknowledgement text, letting them know their claim ticket number has been received.


Increase Revenue with Vehicle ServicesnetPark gives you the power to sell unlimited services of all types, and provides revenue and service completion reporting. A full employee commission system is included, allowing you to set commission rates for both sales and completion of services.


Automation! Automatically invoice and charge your monthly customers for recurring parking. Use automated stored credit card billing, or use alternative billing for: cash, check, direct company billing. netPark can even provide an e-commerce website for your customers to register and manage their recurring parking accounts.


netPark provides an advanced key tracker system to help mitigate lost keys. With customizable key thresholds and support for any number of key areas, the key tracker system can be configured to fit any setup. Coupled with our wall mounted scanner, take your key tracking to the next level!


netPark’s advanced cloud based system provides the ultimate in point of sale and revenue control.  With the ability to operate in a variety of operating modes such as pre-printed parking tickets (scan to open), netPark auto-generated tickets (using commercial ticket printer), automated lane devices or mobile technology, netPark has the right solution for you. From the front lines to the back office, you can be sure that your team is equipped with the tools they need to maximize revenue and operational efficiency.


netPark MVS App. Our Mobile Valet System App includes nearly all the features of netPark, and can work alongside the netPark POS, or stand-alone, for smaller locations where a dedicated POS is not needed or desired. Scan Reservation Vouchers, accept Credit cards, scan loyalty cards, validations, and much more. Works as a stand-alone system, or alongside netPark’s Touch PC Point of Sale.


Theft! What is more worrisome to a parking facility owner or manager than a remote location with an all cash customer base? With netPark, even the smallest of lots can afford the technology to implement credit card payments, and ticket accountability. Locations typically report notable gains in revenue when a strong parking solution technology is put in place to replace paper tickets and cash only payments.


Reliable. Secure. Because netPark is cloud based, you can focus on running your operation, rather than managing a complicated IT infrastructure.  netPark is PCI Level 1 Compliant, so your customers’ card holder data is safely stored, off-site.  This significantly lowers much of your responsibility and requirements for data security mandates of PCI.  Your data is safely backed up, offsite, daily.  Automatic netPark upgrades at no additional cost to you.


Powerful Touch PC Point of Sale equipment, or use your existing PCs. netPark offers a powerful Touch PC, with fully integrated peripherals, including credit card reader, biometric fingerprint login, Advanced Overnight Replacement Warranty, and more. netPark supports Windows Vista PC’s and up. netPark offers a peripheral package that includes just the printer, scanner, cash drawer, biometric fingerprint login, and card swipe.


Think Green. Immediately provide your customers with parking receipts, parking claim tickets, or monthly invoices via email. netPark also provides the ability to email reservation vouchers, new customer temporary loyalty cards. Audit trigger events, such as voided tickets, ticket removals, etc…, can also be emailed to administrators. Customers also have the option to have their receipt printed and given to them on the spot.


Information The key to informed decision making. netPark reports will assist you with all aspects of managing your lot: accounting, operations, marketing, employee metrics, forecasting, and much more. Reports are presented in professional PDF formatting suitable for all recipients. Nearly all reports can also be exported as a CSV file to be used in spreadsheets for further manipulation by you. netPark also offers custom report creation, if your location needs very specific information to be displayed for your operation.


Real Time Inventory Easy inventory reporting shows current vehicles in inventory. Inventory audit allows for entry of license or ticket to do manual inventory spot checks. Access netPark from any authorized device (PC, mobile phone, tablet, cashier POS), from anywhere in the world. Superb tools help you identify and manage inventory irregularities.


LIVE! With Real Time data, you can access netPark from any authorized device (PC, mobile phone, tablet, cashier POS), from anywhere in the world. With unlimited devices and unlimited users, there are no additional fees, and no restrictions to keep you from having immediate access to complete access to your parking operation from anywhere.


PCI Level 1 Compliant netPark utilizes the most secure PCI-DSS compliant environment available today. Utilizing state of the art data centers and security practices, you can be confident that your customer’s card holder and personal data are protected by industry leading PCI-DSS compliant controls. Credit Card data is not available to your employees nor netPark’s employees. In addition, utilizing encryption technology in the credit card reader can greatly reduce your operations’ PCI scope.

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