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Founded in 2000, netPark provides complete parking systems for any type of parking facility
utilizing the latest CLOUD BASED technologies


Years In Business

$Billion +

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About Us

netPark is a cloud based point of sale and revenue management software service used to manage valet or self-park operations. We offer integrated point of sale, credit card processing, reservations, customer loyalty rewards program, revenue tracking, website development services, mobile app development and self-park hardware including gates, ticket machines and pay stations.

netPark is currently used in off-airport, hospital, hotel, casinos, parking garages and various valet and self-park lots across the United States including locations in Canada. Our unparalleled commitment to provide quick response to customer program enhancement demand is reflected in the steady growth of our company. Unlike many other software packages that are slow to evolve, netPark’s users are encouraged to provide program feedback which leads to a constantly improving system with more features. The best part is that existing customers receive these upgrades and features at no additional cost!

Also, unlike other systems, netPark does not require a kiosk or other such hardware to work and operates on almost any ordinary computer with an Internet connection. Yet it is extremely secure, using strong encryption standards when handling data and user authentication for granting different levels of program access to cashiers, managers and staff. Our system provides peace of mind, reliability and partners with well known companies to bring the best and latest technology to you in one convenient and user friendly interface.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide the parking industry with the most advanced cloud based technology for revenue control, web design and mobile apps.”

Company History

The netPark Revenue Management System emerged when the diverse needs of a busy and well established 2500 space parking business could not be met by any of the existing parking management products. Due to the strong desire to increase the efficiency of our parking business through software, we decided to commit the financial and human capital necessary to build our own point of sale and revenue control system. With the technological expertise of one manager, Jon Schmidt, and with the collaboration and constant feedback from over one hundred employees from all areas of the company, our journey began. Leveraging our combined 100+ years of parking experience, we were able to develop the first of its kind web-based point of sale and revenue control system that finally provided solutions to the diverse needs and challenges of a parking operation.

After some of our associates in the parking industry asked to use our system for their own operations, we started the netPark company to offer our system nationwide. netPark was designed to handle a diverse client base working in the valet, self park, gated, gateless, airport, hotel, hospital, casino and metro lot markets. netPark is versatile enough to handle almost any parking operation.

netPark Today

netPark is a portfolio company owned by Fullsteam.  netPark has over 200 installations in over 80 cities spanning across 40 states in the US in addition to locations in Canada. netPark has experienced steady growth over the past 17 years as a result of our focus on, and response to the diverse needs of our clients. We are driven to exceed our customers’ expectations and to keep up with the latest technologies which ensures the continued quality and value of our product.


With clients in 55 major airports in the United States & Canada, netPark provides off airport solutions and technology to valet, self-park and hybrid facilities with revenue control, websites and mobile apps.

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netPark Team

Jon Schmidt


David Reynolds


Kevin Lawrence

Director of Development & Technology

Amy Schmidt


Mike Rector

Director of Sales

Nick Porterfield

Account Executive

Stephanie Reynolds


Daniel Gump

Senior Programmer

Chris Snader

Lead App Developer | Analyst

Anthony Lopez

Account Executive

Rahul Raj Nugooru

Software Technical Support Associate

Mike Shadwick

Software Technical Support Associate

Melissa Killian

Marketing Coordinator

Johnathan Holland

Programmer | Analyst


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