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Website Development

Website Development

Design, Reservation Modules and Customer Modules

Custom website modules and dedicated hosting

We realize your parking operation needs to put its best foot forward on the web–especially since it might be your only chance to win a customer.  Your website needs to stand above the rest and netPark will help you get there!  Let our professional staff eliminate the hassle of developing a new website.  Our website development expertise allows us to provide the latest technologies to your website in an efficient and economical manner.

Creativity & Functionality

With netPark, your new website will be presented in a logical and creative manner and will offer more functionality than a Swiss Army knife! We’ll keep your site free of frivolities and gimmicks so that your customers can get down to doing business with you.

netPark will offer you not only useful tools, such as the ability to make a reservation, but also a customer portal with a host of features that will enable your customers to self-serve their needs, maintain their profile, reprint receipts from business trips, redeem points, book reservations or just see their points accumulate –easy to do on your new website by netPark.

We offer intriguing design to hold your customers’ interest and bring them into the deep end of your site so that they may experience the full range of your offerings. Chances are, existing and potential customers already know what information they need, so providing a straight line to that information reduces frustration and improves the customer experience with your company.

Let our extensive experience in the parking industry work for you.  Contact us today with your ideas and we’ll make them a reality!

Engaging Design & Branding

Logical design and appropriate branding are key to any good website. Yet, your website needs to be fresh and engaging to keep your current and potential customers on your cyber real estate.  Look no further than netPark website design.

We will design your website with a high degree of functionality to serve all your customers’ needs, while maintaining the identity of your brand to drive loyalty.

With our mechanics under the hood of your website, you will have the best of both worlds by providing parking utilities with the unique feel of your brand throughout the site. With each page, your company will subtly, but powerfully convey your unmistakable brand.

Technical Expertise

With an advanced processing engine, our parking utilities will safely and securely process your customer needs. We are constantly reviewing our modules to provide your company with the latest in design and processing efficiencies.

Our modules will make your company’s website among the most competitive of all parking sites. We take pride in bringing our clients website designs that reflect their brands and also meet their customers’ expectations.  We add attributes to ensure security, while providing useful parking tools.

Need something new to bring your parking operation to the front of the pack?  Talk to us. Our extensive experience in website design and the parking industry gives us a head start to bring your website to the next level of integration.  We have professional web designers who can enhance your existing site or give you a complete overhaul to attract new customers.

Website Integration

netPark can offer you the ability to integrate two key modules into your website: Our Reservation Module provides your customers the ability to make reservations while the Customer Portal Module allows your customers to self-serve other parking related needs.  These two important modules may be completely integrated with your website giving your customer a high degree of serviceability without increasing your headcount, all while maintaining your unique brand.

Reservation Module

reservation_module3The ability to make a reservation at a parking facility is so commonplace these days customers almost expect it! With the netPark Reservation Module, your customers will realize their expectations with the ability to reserve a parking space or obtain a quote.

But it doesn’t stop there, if you use netPark for your PRMS, netPark’s fully integrated reservation system will streamline the ticket close process by recognizing your customers’ reservation voucher. Soon, we’ll provide the ability for your customers to prepay their reservation and automatically apply the prepaid amount to the parking ticket. And we’re constantly adding new reservation partners!

Your customers can:

  • Make reservations using interactive calendar
  • Calculate charges or get a quote
  • Print their reservation voucher
  • Cancel their reservation
  • Edit their reservation

Your operation will:

  • Report pending reservations
  • Recognize reservations at netPark point-of-sale via bar coded voucher for complete integration
  • Be able to search for reservations by last name if no voucher is present
  • Be able to capture email addresses of customers for future marketing efforts
  • Utilize reservation data to project inventory

Customer Module

customer_module3netPark also allows your website to serve your customers’ needs further through the Customer Portal. By providing them with the information they need as well as the ability to update their profile, your customers can self-serve their updates so that you always have the most current information of your valued customers.

Your customers will be able to perform a host of activities online at their convenience—and most likely, eliminate a phone call!

Self-serve options through the Customer Portal:

  • Personal Information
  • Update customer profile
  • Address
  • Vehicle information
  • Credit Card information
  • Check frequent parker point balance
  • Redeem frequent parker points
  • View parking invoices
  • Reprint receipts from past parking transactions for expense reports
  • Track past parking activity and point history
  • View prepaid card balance
  • View/manage prepaid card activity
  • Change password