Reservation Integration

Because netPark is the first and only parking revenue management system to fully integrate prepaid reservations with ticket processing, we can offer a new level of efficiency to your operations…..

3rd Party Reservations

By securing reservation data feeds to netPark, cashiers can apply a reservation during the close ticket process to instantly recognize prepaid monies and apply them to accurately calculate final charges.

Reservation Processing

The key aspect to reservation integration is recognizing not only the reservation dollars and days, but also other customer data so that this info can be reported, searched and redeemed effortlessly.  Once a customer has made a reservation, this information is fed directly into the netPark application.  The presence of this data in netPark allows unlimited number of uses from confirmation to tracking.

During the close ticket process, the cashier simply need scan the bar code on the customer’s prepaid reservation voucher. netPark will retrieve the reservation and then apply the prepaid amount to the parking ticket.  If the customer stays longer than the number of prepaid days indicated on the reservation, netPark automatically calculates the overage and prompts the cashier to collect the balance due.  This streamlined process increases your cashier productivity and reduces errors.

Reservation Redemption Tracking

  • Streamlines the reservation voucher redemption process by not only allowing claim handling with reservation vendors (through redemption listing), but also permits breakage tracking as well
  • Allows the comparison of reservation sources by volume and pricing to fine tune your reservation strategy either locally or nationwide
  • Incorporate reservation revenue streams pre & post vendor discounting for enhanced financial reporting

Reservation Data Tracking

    • Reservation Data Tracking (RDT) tool links the rate at the time the reservation was made on your website to the closing parking transaction to ensure no discrepancies when customers redeem their prepaid reservation voucher
    • RDT can also track effective dates of fuel surcharges and other fees or services purchased in advance through your online reservation system
    • RDT also permits reporting of rate change history to determine rate elasticity and market sensitivity to pricing