Valet Solutions

netPark parking revenue management software was initially designed in the valet environment…Today, we provide the most comprehensive solution to valet operations in the industry from customer management to custom and even dynamic ticket generation. Whether an off-airport, hospital, hotel, garage or metro lot, netPark has a valet solution designed to work in your environment.  And netPark can accommodate both Valet and Self-Park operations simultaneously to serve your diverse clientele within a single location!

Step 1: Learning About Your Operations

In keeping with our philosophy to build a solution for you instead of having you adapt to canned parking software, we will dive into your operation and learn the intricacies of your processes.  We will share our experience with you in our mutual goal to maximize the efficiency and customer service levels of your operations.

Some options you will have:

  • Point-of-Sale: Track tickets, enter data, calculate fees, apply validations, track vehicle movements and much more
  • Loyalty Program: Customizable point earnings (by dollars or days) and redemption options
  • Mobile Transaction Processing:  Process customers with your smart phone and then print a parking ticket
  • Pre-printed or On Demand Tickets:  You can use pre-printed tickets or print tickets on demand with the netPark Ticket Printer
  • Monthly Parkers: Accommodates monthly, annual or customized regular billings executed automatically
  • Services: Car washes, Details, Oil Changes… netPark can handle any services you have with ease
  • Service Tracking: Track who sold services as well as who completed them — you can even report commissions!
  • Customers: You can pull a customer profile from a previous visit into a new ticket to minimize ticket entry time
  • Vehicle Retrieval: Only netPark offers “Pull-Up” slips describing services, vehicle and location to ease car pull-up
  • VTS-Valet Tracking System: Track service levels and retrieval times with our VTS solution.  By installing multiple scan points throughout the valet process, you can measure critical metrics of your valet service
  • Integrated Vehicle Text Request:  Customers can text their claim check number to notify the valet to pull their car up front.  The valet is notified via the netPark Home Page.  Optional audible chime notification & automatic valet runner slip printing also included.

Step 2: Making Your Wish List a Reality

By now, you’ve probably compromised your operations because your parking revenue software couldn’t keep up with you.  Those days are over.  Get that old wish list and share it with us, we’ll get your operations to where you want to be today…and tomorrow!

  • Customized reporting and report development services to bridge processes or to meet accounting requirements
  • Customizable operational settings to accommodate the external (regulatory) requirements of your operations
  • Pre-printed or dynamically generated custom tickets to meet your operational requirements
  • Importation of customer, company and discount databases for single-point management of operational info

Step 3: Evolving With Your Operation

Are you ahead of the curve and want to try something new?  Our extensive background in both the parking industry and technology/programming will give us a running start to keep your operations in front of the pack.

Never worry about growth either: netPark is scalable and we never charge seat license or other fees by user or point-of-sale stations.

 Self-Park Solutions

With our self-park solution, you will receive the highest level of integration, auditing and reporting capabilities available…
Because self park operations have a higher reliance on field equipment, we use only the best.  Our strategic partnership with Teratronik ensures not only the tightest integration with equipment, but also the ability to cooperatively develop new technologies to complement your operations.


And remember!  netPark can simultaneously accommodate both Self Park and Valet operations at a single facility.

Step 1: Defining Your Configuration

While an infinite number of configurations may exist, depending on your geographic constraints, metro or retail vs. airport, netPark has a complete solution for you.  Even if you are upgrading to netPark with an existing lot, we will work closely with you to maximize the use of existing equipment. You will be able to select from:

  • Ticket In, Ticket Out
  • Credit Card In, Credit Card Out
  • Ticket In, Credit Card Out
  • Loyalty Card In, Loyalty Card Out
  • AVI with Automated Billing & Email Receipt
  • Reservation Voucher In, Reservation Voucher Out
  • Pay In Lane / Pay On Foot
  • Car Release Behind Barrier
  • Car Release In Front of Barrier
  • Cashier Payment with Validation
  • Cashier Payment with Receipt Exit

Step 2: Equipment

We understand that any parking revenue management solution in a self-park environment is only as good as the field equipment it supports.  After an exhaustive assessment of hardware providers, netPark has selected the finest equipment manufacturer in the industry known worldwide for their quality and reliability. Teratronik Equipment offers a comprehensive suite of options including:

  • Bar code ticket dispensers
  • Bar code validators
  • Credit Card Exit stations
  • Pay In Lane Stations
  • Pay On Foot Stat
  • TITO and CICO
  • Barriers of every size

Step 3: Evolving With Your Operation

We realize your operations will not only grow but will also change over time in step with the environment and customer expectations. netPark will be by your side ensuring that you are prepared to handle these challenges.  As well, we will share our enhancements and new technology along the way to keep your operations running as efficiently as possible.