Parking Software Solutions

PARCS – The netPark system is flexible enough to work in virtually any parking environment.  We have clients in over 60 cities spanning 27 states across the United States and Canada utilizing our system in both valet and self-park applications.  Whether you are an off-airport, hospital, casino, hotel or any other parking operation, chances are we have a solution for you.  Core netPark Features include…



  • Web based parking access revenue control software system for maximum flexibility
  • Comprehensive rate management tools
  • Ability to date/time stamp, open and close unlimited number of tickets for revenue collection
  • Real time system for tracking ticket and user activities/updates
  • Integrated credit card processing with automatic batch transmission
  • Unlimited users at a single site
  • Encrypted, remote access to any internet enabled PC with proper security certificates installed
  • Simple and easy to use interface for ticket management
  • “Locate Ticket” feature which prints chaser slips for vehicle retrieval
  • “Register” feature to accommodate ad hock payments/credits (user rights controlled)
  • Reporting for standard PARCS program features and functions
  • Ability to create unlimited unique users for ticket activity tracking
  • Ability to assign/deny/change specific rights for each user
  • Ability to create/disable/update unlimited number of rates
  • Ability to create/disable/update unlimited number of coupons and discounts
  • Compatibility with preprinted/print on demand tickets
  • PCI compliant credit card processing
  • Home Page with real time display of key operational data
  • Lost ticket processing capability
  • “VTS”-Valet Tracking System
  • Mobile Operations Apps (IOS & Android)

Loyalty Program

  • Comprehensive customer loyalty program allowing the rewarding and redemption of points based on dollars, days or stay
  • Unlimited reward program fully integrated with rate structure to reward points
  • Automatic accumulation of points on customer profile
  • Automatic reduction of points to customer profile upon redemption
  • Ability to make point adjustments (user rights controlled)

Customer Management System

  • Complete customer profile management allowing the creation/disabling/editing of  a customer profile (name, address, contact info)
  • Integrated customer billing with Customer Statement generation
  • Secure, PCI compliant storage of credit card information
  • Automated payment for customers (credit card on file) with email receipt
  • Ability to attach and apply rates, discounts and companies to a customer profile
  • Ability to add multiple vehicles and vehicle demographics to a single profile
  • Ability to store and process up to two credit cards on file

Company Management System

  • Complete company profile management allowing the creation/disabling/editing of  a company profile (name, address, contact info)
  • Integrated AR billing with Company Statement generation
  • Ability to link customers to companies

Vehicle Services Management Systems

  • Complete Services Management system allowing the tracking of sale and completion of unlimited number of vehicle services
  • Services sale and completion commission system
  • Ability to earn and redeem points for services

Validation System

  • Validation system by percent, days or dollars off
  • Validation tracking
  • One time use validations
  • On demand printing of validations

Recurring (Monthly) Billing System

  • Complete Recurring Billing system allowing the charging of a regularly scheduled fee automatically
  • Billing cycles include monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual periods
  • Automatic disabling of customers account in the event of a failed credit card transaction
  • Optional override available to keep declined accounts open for direct customer service intervention
  • Automated email receipts to customer
  • Automated email alerts to both customer and site manager for processing exceptions

Express Customer Processing System

  • Automated customer billing/processing
  • Cashless, secure credit card on file for automatic billing
  • Integration with field equipment allowing dedicated express exit lanes (MAC Equipment only.  Additional fees will apply for this feature.  See netPark representative for further details.)
  • Email receipts upon ticket close

Reservation Integration

  • Complete reservation integration for both in house and third party reservation sources
  • Reservation retrieval through customer name (in event of lost voucher) or scanning of bar coded voucher
  • Application of reservation to ticket to reflect any prepaid amount
  • Complete suite of reports to manage reservation functions
  • Internal reservation Wizard (netPark Reservation Management System)Note:  For local website integration, the netPark modules are required.

Audit Capabilities

  • User activity audit
  • Ticket activity audit
  • Vehicle damage tracking
  • Key ticket audit reporting displaying all ticket activity by date/time/user


  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting of parking activity volume
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting of parking revenue
  • Daily business reports for register/receipt reconciliation
  • Historical trend reports to identify daily, weekly and monthly volume cycles
  • Identify activity/productivity by each netPark station/associate
  • Audit reports to help identify unusual employee activity

Operational Reporting

  • Inventory Report
  • Drop Off Report
  • Due Back Report
  • Open Ticket Report
  • Frequent Parker Log Report
  • Missing Tickets Report
  • Missing Info Report
  • Services Completed Report
  • Reservation Manifest
  • Recurring Billing Report
  • Shift Change Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Weekly/Annual Activity Report
  • Projected Inventory Report
  • Locate Log Report
  • Damage Tracker Reports

Marketing Reporting

  • Company Revenue Report
  • Company AR Revenue Report
  • Customer Revenue Report
  • Customer Source Usage Report
  • New Customers Report
  • Coupon Revenue Report
  • Coupon Utilization Report
  • Discount Analysis Report
  • Discount Utilization Report
  • User Discount Utilization Report
  • Option Revenue Report
  • Prepaid Card Utilization Report
  • Rate Revenue Report
  • Valuation Report
  • Reservation Revenue Report
  • Enplanement Analysis Reports

Revenue / Accounting / Exceptions Reporting

  • Daily Business Report
  • Expired Credit Card Report
  • Lot Utilization Report
  • Audit Report
  • Close Log Audit Report
  • Option Revenue Report
  • Credit Card Batch Report
  • Weekly/Annual Activity Report
  • Commission Report

System Requirements

You can run netPark on just about any computer with internet access. You can use any browser to access the system, but because of embedded ActiveX controls (when printing to a receipt printer), Internet Explorer is required. The following have been tested and verified to work well with netPark:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 9+ (Required for receipt printing), Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • An Internet connection (DSL, Cable, 3G/4G)