Self Park Equipment by Teratronik

Whether you need equipment for self park, valet or an all in one solution, the netPark and Teratronik team has a solution for you. We have also expanded into the pay on foot / pay in lane segments enabling us to meet your needs as they evolve in the market.

Known for its extreme durability and corrosion resistance, Teratronik equipment is constructed from 14 gauge galvanized, phosphate treated sheet steel with a stainless steel base. Standard housing is powder coated with RAL 2000 polyester powder.

But having the best equipment is just the start; Teratronik also has an extensive network of support personnel to maintain your equipment. When flexibility and reliability are your concerns, there is no better solution than the netPark & Terantronik team.

  • The most reliable designs on the market: Teratronik equipment uses direct gear drive mechanisms so there are no belts to wear out.
  • Available in a variety of custom colors as well as stainless steel, Teratronik equipment will provide you with the aesthetic qualities and unmatched durability you expect from a worldwide manufacturer
  • Seamless integration between Teratronik and netPark provides a holistic solution for your parking operation while using two leaders in the industry doing what they do best
  • A wide selection of field equipment including ticket dispensers, validators, TICO, , pay on foot, pay in lane and barriers are available to fit your needs
  • Upgradeable firmware allows you to maintain the most current operating system for your hardware
  • Extensive nationwide network offers support and installation services through local dealers

Ticket Dispensers

  • Teratronik’s TEC ticket dispenser uses a high quality stainless steel ticket head to provide the durability required in harsh parking environments.
  • Using industry standard credit card size ticket stock, the TEC 76 can feed, cut, encode, print and issue a machine readable parking ticket in less than 2 seconds.
  • The TEC line of ticket dispensers utilizes a simplified modular design to facilitate easy maintenance and servicing.
  • The TEC76 supports a variety of loop configurations to fit various application requirements. For example: if a patron backs out of the entry lane without taking the issued ticket from the dispenser, a special feature will retract the ticket and drop it in a secure, internal holding bin (anti pass back).
  • Full integration with netPark allows ticket data retention in the event of mechanical failure. Similarly, loop data can also be reported as contingency remediation or fraud prevention.

Ticket Validators

  • Used as a means to confirm entry for rate change or to validate payment, Teratronik’s validators can simplify and automate your operations without sacrificing control.
  • Allows on-line update of ‘virtual ticket’ in netPark to track vehicle movement and rate up sell even when the physical ticket is lost.
  • Key piece of equipment for pay on foot applications.

Automated Pay Stations

Thinking of automating? These two units can supplement your existing operations and reduce your headcount while providing superior service. Select from credit card exit stations or pay in lane / pay on foot units capable of processing cash transactions.

Credit Card Pay Station

  • Seamless integration with netPark, the Teratronik credit card pay station is fully integrated allowing extensive customization and reporting capabilities.

Pay On Foot

  • Allows you instant flexibility and self serve options to your customers so they may select how they want to be served.


Magnetic MHTM™ MicroDrive

While we could have chosen virtually any gate manufacturer in the industry, we wanted a barrier access provider that could match the integrity and sophistication of the netPark system.

Setting the standard in the industry, Magnetic AutoControls is a worldwide company providing the most reliable and stringently engineered parking barrier access hardware available today. Serving every corner of the globe, Magnetic AutoControls equipment redefines utility and functionality to meet today’s demands.